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Follow Canadian sailor Glenn Wakefield on his single-handed, non-stop west about circumnavigation attempt

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The Circumnavigation

Departure Date and Official Start Glenn officially started his circumnavigation Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 21 hours 10 minutes 50 seconds GMT (2:10 p.m. local time).

In September, 2007 Glenn Wakefield will attempt a solo, non-stop circumnavigation west about from Victoria, British Columbia, making him the first sailor to attempt the voyage from North America. Glenn will sail Kim Chow, his Phil Rhodes designed Offshore 40' sloop built by Cheoy Lee in Hong Kong in 1969. For more than 4 years, Glenn has been making extensive modifications to Kim Chow, preparing her for the rigors of sailing offshore for approximately 10 months.   

The Route
Glenn will follow a classic route from his home port of Victoria, British Columbia into the Straits of Juan de Fuca, a distance of 60 nautical miles. Once in the Straits, he'll head west for 200 miles and then south to avoid coastal shipping traffic. He plans to cross the I.T.Z. at approximately 135 degrees and then head further west and south to the southern tip of New Zealand leaving Stewart Island to starboard. He'll cross the Tasman Sea to Tasmania and then head across the Australian Bight in the area of 40 degrees south past Cape Leeuwin. From there he'll sail to the Falkland Islands between 40 and 45 degrees south. He'll make his way through Drake Passage and round Cape Horn at a distance of about 100 nautical miles. Once around Cape Horn, Glenn will head out about 1000 miles into the Pacific and then up the coast of Chile recrossing the equator at about 135 degrees. From there he'll sail north to Hawaii and then east to the west coast of British Columbia returning to the Straits of Juan de Fuca and his home port of Victoria in July of 2008. He estimates the trip will take about 10 months.

Thank you

A project of this size and complexity takes many talented people working in the background. Many have given generously of their time and talent over the past four years, and many friends and acquaintances have provided moral support for which I am very grateful.
I want to especially recognize and thank my wife Marylou for her enormous contribution and unwavering support over the past five years in preparing Kim Chow for this voyage. I'm privileged to have such a wonderful partner by my side who understands my love of the sea and the reasons I'm doing this trip.
I also want to recognize my two daughters Claire and Nicola who moved home for the summer to spend time with me and help me prepare for this trip. Thank you for all the wonderful time we spent together.
My sincere thanks as well to:

      The many talented and dedicated ham radio operators in Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia who have provided vital communication support throughout my voyage day and night.
      Denise McCamish in Auckland, New Zealand who provided extraordinary customer service.
      Meri Leask at Bluff Marine Radio, in Bluff New Zealand who provided so much assistance and support on marine radio as I approached New Zealand. Hers was a wonderful, welcoming voice for which I am very grateful.
      Richard Piper in Invercargill, NewZealand for all his extraordinary help and support
      Dr. Peter Campbell at the University of Regina for his assistance with research and photos for the web site.
      Louise Chabros for her ongoing technical assistance with developing this web site.
      Steve Brossard for keeping things running smoothly at Wakefield Contracting in my absence.
      Sandy Beaman for taking photos at the start.
      Thomas Kerr and the Crew of Unit 35 of the Canadian Auxiliary Coast Guard for their assistance towing KimChow through the Inner Harbour to the Ogden Point / Macaulay Point start line.
      Neil Beswick  for the use of his vessel Aurora Sky at the official start.
      Judy and Josh at Fisheries Supply in Seattle for their exceptional customer service and making sure Glenn received his boots on time.
      Peter Brand for supervising the start and acting as Commissioner for the World Sailing Speed Record Council who are responsible for ratifying World Records and Performances under Sail.
      Dr. David Hilton for his assistance and advice with medical supplies.
      Brent Jacobi and his team; Ryan, Nuno and Jeff at Blackline Marine who embraced the details of re-rigging Kim Chow with exceptional care and attention.
      Ron Kolody who masterminded the installation of my radio and was instrumental in making sure I got through the rigors of the amateur ham radio course. Without his expertise and help I would not have had the ability to communicate with my family which was one of the most important considerations in this endeavour.
      Michael O'Connor for initiating the idea of acquiring a sponsored satellite phone.
      Greg Marriette, General Manager of Tom Harris Cellular for kindly making the necessary arrangements for delivery and use of the satellite phone.
      Jeremiah at EditNew for his assistance and support of Marylou in creating this website.
      Mark Wallace for his expert custom interior and exterior wood work with assistance from Reed.
      The foreshore staff at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club for their help with the many haul outs.
      Graham at Crystal Auto for the rebuild of the Perkins Diesel engine.
      Garthside Marine for their assistance with the engine installation.
      Smith Brothers for their help with details and restoring old parts.
      Rick Soles for the fabulous paint job.
      Mike Lewis and his crew at Canoe Cove Marina for their assistance with transmission woes.
      Paul, Sharon and Tim from UK Sails
      Victoria Marine Electric for their generous supply of knowledge and electronic equipment.
      Martin Willock  for his beautiful hand-crafted teak work in the interior salon and exterior cabin.
      Joe and Henrich Lima at Lima's Auto Body and Paint Shop for painting the Dorade funnels.
      Jerrod and his staff at Victoria Plating for chrome plating and polishing stainless fittings.
      Cam Garcin at All-Weather Boat Tops for designing and manufacturing the dodger.
      Rick Todd for his help with hardware restoration.
      Bob Richards for reconditioning the old primary winches.
      The sales staff at Trotac Marine for their help and guidance with the purchase of marine hardware.
      Coryn and Tony Gooch  for their expert advice and ongoing support.
      Soren Henrich for his beautiful graphic design of the Kim Chow logo.

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